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Catholic Kids Camp – ONLINE Registration

July 14-18

Our Lady of the Gulf Parish Hall

Turn your hot summer days into cool faith-filled experiences with Camping in God’s Creation.

Faith Meets Fun as Children imagine they are attending a summer camp, exploring what it means to be members of the Catholic Church. This theme reinforces the idea of our role in God’s creation and our responsibility to care for it. Highlights include

  • Kids become “campers” as they explore their responsibility in caring for God’s creation.
  • Kids meet at Camp Catholic.
  • Catechists incorporate Catholic prayers.
  • Scripture topics include the Creation story, the Ten Commandments, and the Ascension of Jesus Christ.
  • Crafts include creation sashes, cabin banners, and camp lanterns. 

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camping vbs

ontent for Catholic kids
A dorable crafts, games, and snack ideas
T hemes that capture children’s imagination
H elpful, easy-to-use plans and take-home activities
O ur unique faith story in Scripture, experience, and song
L ifelong memories in the making
I nviting backdrops and group meeting areas
C atchy cheers and chants that reinforce teachings in an engaging way

From boys to girls, from youngsters to tweens—there’s something inspiring for every child in each Camping in God’s Creation.


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