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COVID-19 Guidelines

  • A general dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass is still in effect.
  • If you are sick DO NOT attend Mass.
  • The wearing of masks is required by the state of Alabama.
  • Social distancing must be maintained between families/households and others.
  • In order to allow proper social distancing every other pew is closed and family groups are asked to sit on opposite ends of available pews leaving at least 6 feet between household groups.
  • While you are welcome to bring your own missal or app, OLG cannot provide any shared worship aids (Hymnals/Missalettes) nor should they be left behind for others. Many apps and online resources exist and you are encouraged to utilize electronic worship aids.
  • Please maintain social distancing in the Communion line and when departing Mass.
  • Communion must be received in the hand; please fully extend arms.  If you are wearing gloves, you are asked to remove them to receive Communion.


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