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Faith and Life Family Guides

The Faith and Life Family Guide is a powerful tool to bring the lessons of the classroom into the home each week. It equips parents to assume their role as primary educators of their children’s faith. A responsibility, given to parents by God of properly forming their children to know and love Him, and to lead their children to heaven. Through this educational involvement, parents “become fully parents” and the family structure is strengthened.

The Family Guide evangelizes and catechizes the entire family whereby Catholic identity is increased in the child’s home, parish, and school. Each two-page lesson which contains a review of the main points of the child’s student textbook lesson, provides step-by-step instructions to make it easy for a parent to guide a meaningful, fifteen minute discussion about what their child has learned and how to apply it in their lives. Each lesson also includes specific ideas for the family to live out their faith in the Church and community.

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