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2021 Special Collections

Click on the Collection Name Below to learn more about it. 

Ash Wednesday               Christian Service Center

February 21             The National Black and Indian Mission Collection

March 14             Catholic Relief Services Collection

March 28                Church In Central And Eastern Europe / Church In Africa

April 2                The Holy Land Collection

April 25               St. Benedict Catholic School

June 20                 Seminarians

June 27                 Holy Father (Peter’s Pence)

July 11                  Missionary Co-op

August 1              Church In Latin America

August 15            Catholic Home Missions

September 12      Burse Club Membership

September 19    The Catholic University of America Collection

October 24          The Society for the Propagation of the Faith (World Mission                                Sunday)

November 21     St. Michael Catholic High School

December 12        Retirement Fund for Religious

Updated 10/5/2020 SJT


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